Carousel of Torment (now playing|piano version)

The festival of the Doomed One. There isn't joy, there isn't happyness.
Carousel are empty, deserted. There isn't children, there isn't life.
Only autumndusk over the wooden horses, nothing else for them.
This is the giddy giddy melody of loneliness, this is His song.
Carousel collapsed and children were killed, in this grimy years
Carousel of Torment and a giddy giddy melody for the Doomed One.

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... pas un peu con tout cela?

Écrit par : moi | 16/11/2003

... Tu ne peux pas comprendre

Écrit par : Fettgans | 16/11/2003

vv j'parle po english, man, j'essaye d'te comprendra ta vibe, mwoua !

Écrit par : vv | 17/11/2003

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