Black angel

Bad looking angels breaking the reign of lies,
Those black angels sleeping in the dreams of others.
Death' spire in Life's body, envenoming the existence.
Bad looking angels reigning on the broken lies,
Those ugly angels standing up in minds of others.
Protected by the future, protected from the abomination.
Helping the life they never had, helping the ones they ever love.
For roses and honour.
Helping the death the never had, helping the ones they ever hate.
For roses and honour.
Little black angels killing lil' white angels,
For roses and honour. Forsaken by hope.
Breaking the reign of lies, breaking the abomination.
Paradise is a dream, Nirvana is a dream.
All this is a dream, they say.
Crushing your thoughts, your hopes and your mind,
Crushing your quietness, your fears and your soul.
Black angel of emptiness crushing the abomination from two sides.

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